Jessica Andre

Asst. Doula Supervisor

As Assistant Doula Supervisor Mrs. Andre’s focus is to make sure the doulas are accurately and effectively documenting their work, supporting the doulas, providing education and resources, and making sure the families they serve can have full confidence that they are receiving support out of knowledge, love and urgency. She also works with the other supervisors to support the smooth operation of the doula program.

In conjunction with working as the doula supervisor Mrs. Andre works in HIV prevention as the African American Woman health educator with Hyacinth AIDS Foundation. The program that Mrs. Andre runs is called the SISTA program which stands for Sisters Informing Sisters about Topics on AIDS. Prior to joining the Children’s Futures’ team Mrs. Andre served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda, Africa teaching biology.

Mrs. Andre earned a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia.

Contact:  [email protected]
(609) 695-1977 (ext. 102)