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Learn about us, and our mission.

Created in 2001 by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Children’s Futures works across Central Jersey to ensure that all children and families get off to a healthy start in life. At our core, we aim to increase opportunities for health and wellness and to ward off health and social problems that can lead to a lifetime of illness and dependency.

Because no single agency can claim the necessary expertise, authority and resources to accomplish these goals alone, Children’s Futures collaborates with public and private agencies across multiple sectors, including education, health and social welfare. Since 2001, the hallmark of our work has been our commitment to using evidence-based programs and measuring agreed-upon outcome objectives. For our efforts, Children’s Futures has been recognized nationally as an exemplary U.S. non-profit organization. We invite you to view the video below to see how Children’s Futures is working to improve the lives of Mercer County children and families.

Children’s Futures is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve health and development outcomes for children and their families. To achieve our mission, we formally collaborate with schools, social service providers, health care agencies, faith institutions, civic associations, employers and others around school-readiness and success strategies that have the greatest positive impact on children’s immediate health needs, as well as long-term development.

Drawing on the latest research in the fields of prevention and public health, our strategies include but are not limited to:

  • Health Education and Outreach
  • Prenatal Care Services
  • Nurse Home Visiting
  • Case Management
  • Quality Child Care
  • Health Literacy
  • Family Support Services (including after-school)
  • Professional Training and Technical Assistance

In addition to the services listed above, we regularly convene conferences and forums, provide training and technical assistance to area agencies, produce reports on the health and well-being of children, and advocate for policy changes most like to positively impact disadvantaged families.

Meet the board members

Philip M. Bonaparte, M.D.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Spencer Lester
CEO/CFO/Project Manager

Alphonso (Al) Bullock

Cameron Hunt

Katherine N. Nunnally

Douglas H. Palmer

Rev. Toby D. Sanders, M Div.

Gregory Seaton, Ph.D.

Meet the staff members

Cassondra Angu
Senior Case Manager/Program Coordinator

Jessica Andre
Asst. Doula Supervisor

Tonya Bellamy
Data Management Specialist

Sonya Boone
Community Health Worker

Phyllis Brown
NFP Nurse Home Visitor

Brenda Diaz
Case Manager

Marie Ferreira
NFP Nurse Home Visitor

June R. Gray
Director of Family Support Intervention

Tamika Hall 
Logistics and Community Services Coordinator

Cynthia Hampton
NFP Nurse Home Visitor

Rachel Hansen
NFP Nurse Supervisor

Spencer Lester
CEO/CFO/Project Manager

Ashley Neblett
Doula Supervisor

Zarina Paz
Community Health Worker

Sandra Pérez 
Logistics Assistant

Cynthia Reed
Financial Officer

Mary Torres
NFP Data Assistant

Mary Ann Vazquez
NFP Nurse Home Visitor