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About us, and our mission

Created in 2001 by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Children’s Futures works across Central Jersey to ensure that all children and families get off to a healthy start in life. At our core, we aim to increase opportunities for health and wellness and to ward off health and social problems that can lead to a lifetime of illness and dependency.


Meet the board members

Philip M. Bonaparte, M.D.
Chairman, Board of Directors

Alphonso (Al) Bullock

Dawn M. Furey

Wayne J. Nixon

Katherine N. Nunnally

Douglas H. Palmer

Rev. Toby D. Sanders, M Div.

Cameron Hunt

Gregory Seaton, Ph.D.

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Tips to Avoid The Flu

Flu season is hitting hard and fast in 2013. No matter where you live in Mercer County, your risk for catching the flu increases based on the number of people you come into contact with every day. Those with the highest risk of getting the sickness are the elderly population, pregnant woman and young children.