Adia Allen

Community Health Worker

Ms. Allen serves as a Community Health Worker for Children*s Futures. As a Community Health Worker, Ms. Allen is responsible for community outreach and referring women of childbearing age and their children to needed programs and services throughout Mercer County. Ms. Allen is a Certified Application Counselor and Certified Nurturing Facilitator and provides necessary case management to many of the families she serves.

Prior to joining C.F Ms. Allen served as a Patient Navigator for the Central Jersey Family Health Consortium (CJFHC). During her role for CJFHC, Ms. Allen built solid working relationships, aiding the organization in solving social issues and provided moral support to clients. She specifically focuses on helping individuals learn the process of self-navigation and advocacy when applying for services. Ms. Allen brings both empathy and experience to her clients, ensuring that each individual receives specialized attention.

Conclusively, Ms. Allen devotes her spear time to volunteering at various nursing homes. Ms. Allen possesses an array of training and education within the social service field and continues to expand her knowledge on maternal and child health.

Contact:  [email protected]
(609) 695-1977 (ext. 103)