Children*s Futures Housing Assistance Program

In this fluctuating economic environment, the need for financial assistance is at its highest.  Many persons/families are on the verge of eviction with just one missed paycheck or one unexpected crisis.  Children*s Futures Housing Assistance Program has been designed to mitigate the impact these types of situations have on family systems. Our mission is to improve child health and development outcomes across Mercer County and ensure that children enter school healthy and ready to learn and succeed once there.  To that end, Children*s Futures Family Success Centers supports families through referral services, support group sessions, parenting classes, and temporary housing assistance to clients.? The centers serve as a hub for a set of interventions that link women and children with essential services in the areas of employment, childcare, health care, and housing.?  

 This temporary housing assistance funding will help to ensure family stability. Housing first, stability in where one lives, provides the platform for making a significant difference in an individual’s life   

As the demand for housing assistance is high, priority for this program will concentrate on providing assistance to individuals who are faced with a short term financial hardship/crisis but have proof of a steady form of income.  Children*s Futures will provide families with funds designated to pay unpaid back rent and security deposits during the month of March 2023.  The criteria/eligibility a family must meet is as follows:      

  • Linked to services at Children*s Futures; 
  • Has child(ren) – ages 0-24 months – residing with them; 
  • Has proof of income two (2) most recent pay stubs from current employer or a letter from a new employer verifying the position/title and salary); if no employment then an unemployment award letter and/or TANF award letter and/or status 
  • Has a current or new lease; and  
  • Can show proof of eviction, proof of homelessness (letter from landlord or rent ledger)

With documented verification of these criteria, payments will be made directly to the landlord or property management group. 

 Please call: Tamika Hall 609-695-1977 x 113