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Home Visiting

In 2011, Children’s Futures Nurse Family Partnership program (NFP) served the perinatal needs of 127 clients, admitting 73 women and discharging 41 women. This nationally-recognized program has helped expectant families and new parents, beginning shortly after the birth of their child, by paring them with nurses who provide home-based services to expectant families and new parents. Of the 50 infants in the program born during the year, there were no infant deaths. With regard to health outcome objectives, nearly all NFP participants had health insurance and a medical home. More than 70% of NFP moms entered prenatal care in the first trimester, 100% were screened for alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, depression and domestic violence, and almost 100% had a postpartum check-up. Almost 100% of children had health insurance and a medical home and more than 97% of the children were up-to-date with their immunizations, well child health visits, and developmental assessments at the age of two.

This nationally-recognized program has helped expectant families and new parents, beginning shortly after the birth of their child, by paring them with nurses who provide home-based services to expectant families and new parents

For more information about Children’s Futures Nurse Family Partnership please contact: Rachel Hansen- 609.695.5247 or [email protected] 

Center-based Activities

In 2011, CF suported three (3) Trenton neighborhood-based centers with community partners Mercer Street Friends and Children’s Home Society of New Jersey and supported a data person to collect client information for a fourth neighborhood center with partner Catholic Charities.  In 2011, participants completed pre and post Parenting Surveys of parental knowledge and Screening Assessments every three months; and, were provided with:  free pregnancy testing, (691 test provided with 423 positive results for pregnancies); parenting education, child development evaluation; and, assistance in securing insurance, medical homes, immunizations and enrollment in the Women, Infant and Children (WIC) federal program.  A total of 2,129 unduplicated participants were served in 2011 and there were 8,060 visits made to the centers.  There were 774 parents enrolled in parenting education in 2011.  As of 2012, CF supports two (2) Trenton neighborhood-based centers one (1) and Children’s Futures and the other with community partner Mercer Street Friends to provide center-based services.  By strengthening parenting skills we can improve perinatal outcomes, effective parenting, overall family health and wellness, and strengthen child cognitive development and literacy.

Pregnancy Testing

Free pregnancy testing is available for all women in Mercer County Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 5 PM.  For more information or schedule an appointment, call (609) 695-1977.

Parent Education

Children’s Futures hosts a series of parenting classes to help both parent and child. The classes are designed to help parents learn concepts like the ages and stages of development, alternative discipline methods, managing emotions, and effective parenting routines. The training will give parents a better understanding of their child’s development, and help them become the best parents they can be.

Children’s Futures is committed to getting every child off to a healthy start in life so that they enter school happy and ready to learn. Parenthood can be difficult at times and present new challenges for parents. Our parenting classes at Children’s Futures are a great way to share experiences with other mothers and fathers about parenthood.  For more information, call 609-695-1977 or email: [email protected]

Case Management

The Case Manager provides the following services:

  • recruitment and enrollment in case management services
  • Parenting Education using the Nurturing Family Bavolek Curriculum
  • Assist women, children and families with insurance, medical home, WIC and nutrition education, breastfeeding, safe sleep behaviors, smoking cessation, child immunizations, child developmental assessments, lead evaluations
  • pregnancy testing and enrollment into prenatal care and women who test negative, provide preconception education
  • assist postpartum women with check-ups and reproductive life plan
  • assist interconception women with obtaining yearly examinations and developing a reproductive life plan
  • provide screening for pregnant/ postpartum women for depression, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs (ATOD), Domestic Violence and refer if needed
  • facilitate group presentations with representatives from Mental Health, Domestic Violence, Fatherhood, Toxic Stress or other group interests
  • meet with clients on a weekly, monthly or an as needed schedule dependent upon family circumstances/stressors (unstable housing, depression, ATOD, DV, parenting deficits)
  • discharge when goals are met, client refuses services or unable to contact client for one (1) month

Mental Health Services

Clinician/Therapist will provide the following services:

  • Individual and Group Therapy will be provided by both Masters and Licensed clinicians/therapist
  • Trauma Sensitive Yoga is an evidence-based treatment for complex trauma and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Discovery Group will focus on assisting consumers with managing anger due to internal and external stressors
  • Wellness Groups will focus on assisting consumers with learning and incorporating health and wellness skills that will alleviate emotional deregulation, anxiety, depression and stress
  • Wednesdays with Sharonda will help people affected by trauma to address the entire mind-body system, as opposed to particular mental states (e.g., troubling memories) viewed in isolation from the physical body.  Consumers will have an opportunity to process issues that come up for them when participating in various yoga inspired activity
  • Individual Therapy Sessions will allow people to process more concerning issues 1:1 with a highly skilled clinician.  In addition to therapy, clinicians are available to provide psychiatric and substance use related assessments, if needed, crisis intervention/plan as well as treatment recommendations and linkage to resources needed to assist in wellness

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 609-695-1977