Pediatric Council on Research and Education

CF’s 2011 work with the Pediatric Council on Research and Education focused on having 10 pediatric practices develop goals related to Medical Home, Quality Improvement, and Obesity Prevention. Six (6) Pediatric practices developed goals regarding Medical Home and Obesity Prevention.
Survey results were compiled and provided to the individual Pediatric practices. These practices also received four educational Programs: a Learning Session regarding the Trenton Health Plan in March, a Practice Innovator’s Meeting in June, the Tremendously Trenton Health Fair in October and a Learning Session in December to address the issues of the Pediatric practices to the changes specific to Trenton.
CF, in support of the evidence-based Reach Out and Read Program, engaged 11 pediatric practices to distribute more than 13,750 age-appropriate and culturally relevant new books to children, exceeding the 2011 goal of 10,000 books.

Central Intake

Central Intake is the central point for all referrals.  Children’s Futures (CF) receives referrals from HealthStart clinics, WIC offices, self-referrals of clients who have heard about CF, school nurses or teachers, Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) social workers and CF’s Parent-Child Centers (PCC).  All referrals (with consent) come to CF for assignment to a CF partner for an assessment for home visit or center-based activities.  Referrals are tracked to determine follow-up status of the referral and providers are given feedback about the status of the referral.

To make a referral to Central Intake, for home visiting services and center-based activities, please contact the Central Intake Coordinator at (609) 695-1977 ext. 102.


The Community Health Worker provides outreach, reconnection to care, case finding, case management and community education  to women and their families in the Mercer county area.  They target women and their families for preconception, prenatal/postpartum, and interconception care, with a strong focus on high-need women who are not currently engaged in health care or other supportive community services or other supportive community services, in a culturally sensitive approach. The Community Health Workers will expand door to door outreach services to all women of childbearing age and their families to recruit and retain women and their families into a comprehensive system of care. All women identified through outreach will be referred to Central Intake.

Insurance Enrollment

Children’s Futures is a designated Certified Application Counselor organization.  Our certified application counselors can help you navigate the Healthcare Marketplace.  For more information, call (609) 695-1977.

Health Literacy

Children’s Futures will sponsor trainings and workshops for provider organizations and individuals, in order to help them recognize health literacy problems and improve their oral instructions and informational materials.  These trainings will include:

  • General health literacy awareness
  • Improving outcomes through clear communication
  • Assessing readability and suitability of materials
  • Developing a health literate environment: how to conduct a health literacy audit
  • Writing in ways that readers can understand
  • The mismatch between health system demands and our skills
  • On-line and social media health literacy outreach: using modern technology to communicate health messages and train health care professionals