Since 2003, Children’s Futures has supported the work of the Pediatric Council on Research and Education (PCORE) to improve child health outcomes through educational programs for physicians, also known as Educating Physicians in the Community (EPIC).  Eleven (11) primary care practices serving approximately 4,000 of Trenton’s zero to three population participate in the program.  The EPIC training modules have resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Nearly 100% of participating physicians’ offices strengthened their practices in the areas of immunization, lead poisoning, suspected childhood neglect and delays, postpartum depression and asthma
  • A 20% increase in the percentage of children immunized, and a 13% increase in the lead screening rate
  • Nearly 100% of participating practices initiated screening of new mothers for postpartum depression
  • Following EPIC training, nearly 50% of participating office practice staff (evaluated through pre- and post-testing) use, score and interpret a valid and reliable assessment tool to monitor control of childhood asthma
  • 100% of practices have introduced office-based care management tools for their patients who are overweight/obese and their families
  • 100% of practices have increased their understanding of the care coordinator role through establishment of medical homes


Children’s Futures will bring our experience in developing and convening forums and conferences on such issues as:

  • Preventing fetal alcohol syndrome
  • Enhancing early brain development
  • Improving cultural competencies in health care delivery to a county-wide audience of caregivers through educational sessions focused on incorporating/enhancing innovative strategies to improve birth outcomes